Tradition Ltd. was registered as manufacturing & service branch of Soglasie Ltd. (est. 1990) and has now grown into R&D Manufacturing Group.
Entrance to the North American market by establishing TiSEC in Montreal, Canada.
Boom in the automobile industry. Tradition together with Synapsy GmbH have jointly started developing and deploying mobile service platform Mobilux™.
Introducing new vision in digital advertisement, NetViser™. Tradition Media is launched as a multimedia content, smart marketing & web casting services provider company.
The launch of the Lockey™ brand, new horizons of Vehicle security and monitoring. Tradition Security is established to provide ASP business in Vehicle and information security sector.
Integrated “Digital Living” solutions for home, office and industrial environment. Start of I-Building division. Further development of IT consulting, Business Incubation.
Establishment of joint ventures in Germany and Dubna free economic zone for technology cross-transfer in the area of rugged computer systems and software security applications.
Further development of high-performance computing solutions and training simulators, joint RTLS and intelligent transportation systems projects with Fraunhofer ALI.
Establishment of a new telemedical division within the Skolkovo innovation center IT cluster. Development of the ARNEGA™ SmartWear product line and a doctor’s decision support system.
Electronics & software applications
Media services and design
Manufacturing & supply of HPC and rugged computer systems
Manufacturing & installation of integrated security systems


We would like to thank our partners and clients for fruitful collaboration. For a number of years we have been jointly developing and enhancing business technologies , expanding corporate and public information systems.
We are proud of the recognition of our products, technologies and solutions by government agencies and some of the world-renowned companies.

How to find us

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Hours of operation: Monday to Friday 10:00 – 19:00