The creation of "Tradition," successor company "Consent" (1990). Starting units Interactive communications network division. Development and production of multimedia kiosks and software systems.


Opening TiSEC, the North American division in Canada, Montreal.


The boom in the automotive industry, Tradition together with Synapsy GmbH produces mobile service platform Mobilux.


A presentation of the integrated platform of digital advertising and marketing services, NetViser™. The launch of subsidiary company Tradition - Media, providing work on the creation and management of content.


The launch of the operator's business platform has been revealing new possibilities in the area of services for motorists, security and mobile services.


The development of it consulting services rental services of the latest business applications and it infrastructure.


The creation of joint ventures in Germany and Dubna for cross-technology transfer failover technology and software systems security.


The development of high-performance computing and simulation, RTLS modern projects in the field of its with the Fraunhofer center for logistics and graphic systems.


The creation of areas of telemedicine in the innovation cluster in SKOLKOVO, development of smart equipment and systems to support clinical decision.


The establishment of a branch in St. Petersburg for the development of non-invasive biomedical technologies. Create directions for the development of UAV systems for monitoring and search and rescue activities.